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Moving Services

MoverOne International are one of Canada’s leading international movers and are proud to be the mover of choice for many individuals, companies and corporations across the globe. MoverOne offers a wide range of services and many methods and modes of transportation.


International Moving

The excellent reputation of MoverOne International has been earned by continually providing a high quality, professional service to our customers and by the high attention to detail that accompanies every move. MoverOne International aims to ensure that every customer receives a stress free and seamless move experience from beginning to end.

We are proud to hold the majority of the International Moving Contract for the Canadian Federal Government. This includes moving services for Canada’s Armed Forces and other Federal Offices and Embassies around the world.

MoverOne International’s corporate office is in Mississauga, Ontario. We have offices in over 130 locations and warehouses across Canada. We are a shareholder member of the global Harmony Relocation Network which has over which has over 140 members in 60 countries and we are also members of other global networks including IAM (International Association of Movers), AMSA (American Movers & Storage Association), CAM (Canadian Association of Movers) and BAR Overseas Group (British Association of Movers), which extends the number of our network partners to over 1,000. MoverOne International is the international division of United Van Lines (Canada) Ltd. and belong to other associations including CERC (Canadian Employee Relocation Council).


Sea Freight

Sea freight is the most common and economical method of shipment for customers who are moving.  There are three methods of sea freight services:  Full or Exclusive Container, Shared Container and Less than Container Shipments.

MoverOne International offers full-service packing at your home and depending on the volume of your shipment, will ship your belongings via the best option.


Full Container Service

Exclusive shipping containers are available in 20ft standard, 40ft standard and 40 High Cube sizes.  Normally, if your shipment requires more than half the capacity of a 20ft container, you will most likely have exclusive use of a container because from a service and cost perspective, this is the most viable method of shipment. Once packed, your household goods and personal effects, (along with car, if required) will be loaded into the container at your home, secured, bolt sealed and forwarded to the port of departure. At destination, the container will be picked up by our partner from the port of entry, customs cleared and transported to your new home, where your belongings will be unloaded. At the time of delivery, your belongings will be placed in your home, as instructed, unpacked, set up, and finally, all waste materials will be removed and recycled.

Part Load Container Service

Generally speaking, if your shipment is less than half a container load in terms of volume, it is normally more economical to pack and ship your belongings via our part load shared container service. This service basically means that you retain the benefit and high security containerized movement, but at the same time, only pay for the proportion of the container you use. The main difference between the part load and the full container service is that once your shipment has been packed for export at your home, it is transported back to our local warehouse for consolidation into the container and forwarded to the port of departure from there shortly afterwards. At destination, the container is picked up from the port of entry by our partner, transported back to their warehouse for deconsolidation and your shipment is delivered to your new home in a truck, after customs clearance.

LCL Cased Service (Less than Container Load)

This service is generally used for shipping to destinations where there is not enough traffic to justify a part load shared container service. As above, your belongings will be carefully exported packed at your home and then transported back to our local warehouse for over packing into a custom built, or standard size wooden case or crate. The case(s) or crate(s) are then delivered to a local terminal for consolidation into a container and shipped to the port of entry. At the destination terminal, your shipment will be deconsolidated from the container at the local terminal, picked up by our local partner, customs cleared and delivered to your new home. At the time of delivery, your belongings will be placed into your home, as instructed, unpacked, set up, and finally, all waste materials will be removed and recycled.

Air Freight

Air freight is generally used for three reasons. First, when the transit time to ship household goods and personal effects by sea freight it is too long to meet a customer’s needs, a customer may opt for the air freight service to ship their belongings because the transit time is much quicker. Second, many customers use our air freight service as a supplement to the sea freight service for essentials that they require at their destination prior to the arrival of their sea freight container. Finally, if a shipment is very small, it is quite often more economical to send via air freight, rather than sea freight. As with the LCL service by sea freight, your belongings are packed for export at your home, transported back to our local warehouse for over packing into a custom built or standard air case or crate and shipped delivered to the local airport. On arrival at the destination airport, our partner will pick up your shipment, customs clear and deliver to your new home.

Road Service

For customers who are moving to Mexico and to the United States, we offer both an exclusive use trailer load and consolidated part load service. As with the sea freight services, belongings are export packed and either loaded into a trailer at your home for direct delivery, or transported back to our local warehouse for crating and consolidation, before being delivered to destination.

Storage Solutions

MoverOne International offers storage in state of the art warehouses across Canada and around the globe. Through our network in Canada we have secure, clean warehouses in all major towns and cities and through our international network, we can offer the same in most major towns and cities in the majority of countries on all six continents.

Customers may have a need for storage solutions if they:

  • Have to vacate their homes at origin before they are able to travel to their new city or town at destination and find a new home
  • Are returning home after a period overseas and have to wait for tenants to vacate their homes
  • Would like to remodel or redecorate their homes prior to moving back into them.
  • Ship personal effects only to their homes overseas and want to store their furniture and other large items while they are away

Experienced and skilled team members everywhere staff our warehouses, and shipments are stored in high security vaults, once they have been unloaded from the container until delivery is required. Storage facilities generally have secure perimeter fencing, 24 hour CCTV and are fully alarmed. The warehouses are temperature regulated and have smoke detectors linked to alarms, along with sprinkler systems.


MoverOne International only employ skilled and experienced movers, all of whom have been back checked and security cleared. Our crews strive to take the greatest of care of your belongings from the moment they step into your home at origin until after your shipment has been safely delivered to your new home at destination. Our packing methods and high care level have enabled us to achieve one of the best claims paid records in the international moving industry, but as with any area of life, accidents can happen or something out of our control can occur. For these reasons, we offer comprehensive insurance cover, underwritten by one of the world’s largest insurance brokers, at very competitive premiums, to give you total peace of mind.

For international moves, MoverOne International offers comprehensive, all risk marine insurance coverage with a zero deductible. Customers determine their own valuation and premium by completing a valuation form prior to their move, so that a policy can be produced and sent out. The premium paid is calculated as a percentage of the declared valuation.

Your marine insurance policy also includes coverage for a period of 60 days at both origin and destination should you require storage. After the 60 day period of coverage at both ends, coverage extension can be provided for low, additional premiums.

Should there be a problem and it is necessary to make a claim, this can is done electronically for efficiency and our insurer has loss adjusters all over the world to ensure that your claim is dealt with and settled promptly. Of course, your dedicated Move Manager will also be on hand to assist you with the claims process at all times.


Relocation Services

Moving overseas is not always straight forward, so to assist our customers we offer a full range of relocation services to make the move easier. Relocation services can range from a very basic service such as area orientation, to a full range of services, including those detailed below. MoverOne International does not offer relocation services directly to our customers, but have partnered with many of the top relocation providers in Canada and around the world. We will be happy to recommend and introduce our customers to suitable relocation companies, who will tailor their service to meet customer’s individual needs. Services offered include:

Services offered include:

  • Assistance with Visa & Immigration
  • Language and Cultural Support
  • Area Orientation
  • School Search
  • Temporary Housing
  • Home Finding
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Furniture Rental
  • Settling In Assistance

Other Services

Handyman Services – MoverOne International can arrange for the services of a professional handyman at both origin and destination. Our handymen are qualified and experienced in areas such as basic electrical work, plumbing work related to appliances, hanging of pictures, mirrors and artwork, installation of home hardware such as towel rails and toilet roll holders and assembly / reassembly of furniture.

Maid Services – MoverOne International can arrange for the services of professional maids at destination. The experienced maids offer cleaning services and origin and destination, plus unpacking and putting away of items from cartons into cupboards and wardrobes, bed making and other services to enable our customers to settle into their new home without any stress or worry.


Please contact us if you would like more information on the above Services